weight loss success stories: 3 real life stories that will inspire you

You may know after finishing this article: Losing weight takes a long time and there are some processes that are quite complicated, in which case many people give up in the middle of their weight loss journey. But success is bound to come if we stick to it. In this case, we will hear some success stories that have actually touched the success.

weight loss success stories, Usually weight loss journeys are quite difficult and time-consuming, as most obese are forced to leave them in the middle of their journey.

You might not want to be on that list. Then you get to practice some habits regularly and celebrity achievements will motivate you for your next activity.

Never lose your morale, fight with yourself as much as possible to survive this mission and you will succeed. Today we will hear some success stories that will inspire you, and help you survive the mission.

Especially in order to be successful in a job, you have to be strong and make supporters. I hope this success story can help you in that regard.

Crystal Benes

weight loss success stories

Benes did not live a normal life as a child, because she was surrounded by obesity from a very young age. And when she was twenty-five, she weighed 376 pounds. Which was really very uncomfortable for her.

She says “My food choices were bad which led me to obesity even when I reached 400 pounds. But there was no one who would stop me, it hurts me a lot.

“But all that began to change, on April 2018, Benes decided she would lose her weight at any cost. It was a wonderful decision of the Benes because it is very difficult to really live in society with obesity.

Our society is constantly condemned to be obese, which is should not at all. Rather, they should stand by so that they can regain their morale and live a normal life.

According to her decision, she enrolled in a local weight loss program based in Indiana. And within fifteen weeks she realized that her decision was right. Because she was able to lose 100 pounds in fifteen weeks.

It was possible for her morale and concentration. And she is grateful to her personal trainer and to her for helping her greatly. Benes had the hardest time when she came home and practiced alone.

However, at one time both diet and exercise became part of the daily work with her.

Benes kept her morale upright and in the end she kept fighting. She always emphasized food selection and her physical workout. As a result, she was able to lose 175 pounds in 10 months.

Synopsis: Surely your condition is not as bad as Crystal Benes, so stick with your weight loss journey and you will get success one day.

Kimberly Brown

Brown was already obese, but when she was 34, she realized she needed to lose weight. And that time was going to be a very bad time for Brown.

Brown also had a miscarriage, all the while having a difficult time in her life. Also the problems of blood pressure and migraines did not go away. And she thinks everything is the result of obesity, so she wanted to eliminate obesity forever at any cost.

And when she consulted a doctor, the doctor said that losing some weight from her 239 pounds would be good for her, and many problems would be solved. Brown then decided that she would join Nutrisystem, and she would comply with all the rules.

Her decision soon came to fruition. Because she was able to lose 2.5 pounds in the first week. And in keeping with this continuity, she worked hard for four years, bringing her weight down to 109 pounds.

And she liked to think she didn’t have to take any drugs for blood pressure and she is proud of it.

Jennifer Riveira

Best 3 Real Life Stories of Women Who Lost Weight

Jennifer’s life was overstating her fast food habits, because this habit was slowly leading her to obesity. She could not give her young child the right amount of time, she was tired a little.

Then she was obliged to seek doctor’s surrender and checked all body types. But she had no major problems, so the doctor told her to quit your fast food habits, which is probably what you are suffering from.

Then Jennifer realized that the time for her change was imminent, so she had to leave this practice. And accordingly she re-selected her diet, where she excluded all types of fatty foods and added nutrient-rich foods. And she soon got the result. Now she can have a great time with her child, and is not easily tired.

More questions that may arise in your mind about weight loss
How much weight can I realistically lose in 30 days?
  • If you exercise at home, you can burn approximately 200-300 calories in 30 days, which is equivalent to 2.5 pounds.
Can you lose 20 pounds in a month?
  • It is possible to lose 20 pounds in 30 days, but you need to exercise regularly, control your diet and take weight loss supplements. However, these must be in accordance with the advice of experts
What is a realistic weight loss goal per month?
  • According to the CDC, it is healthy to set weight loss goals of 1-2 pounds per week and 4-8 pounds per month.
How can I lose tummy fat fast?
  • Here are some things you can do to reduce belly fat easily: Eat plenty of soluble fiber, avoid alcohol as much as possible, eat a high-protein diet, and exercise regularly.
What can I drink to burn belly fat?
  • In addition to food, you need to be careful about certain drinks to reduce belly fat. Drinks that reduce belly fat should be taken regularly such as: black tea, adequate pure water, green tea, coffee, apple cider vinegar and vegetable juice. These drinks will help you to reduce belly fat as well as lose excess weight

Synopsis: Currently one of the leading causes of obesity is overeating fast food. However, if it can be abandoned, it is possible to get rid of various complex diseases including obesity.


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