Most Healthy Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe

Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe

Are you looking for loaded tea recipe of Southern belle? You are now in the best right place here we shared one kind of healthiest Southern belle loaded tea recipes.

In this article, you will find that this tea is so much helpful for your health. It can help you to lose your weight and make you feel better.

Read and follow our guidelines and maintain healthy diet regularly by drinking loaded tea making it at your home without effort.

Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe

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Loaded tea

Loaded tea is called the combination of various ingredients which are to be brewed into a drink. This trendiest tea is a part of caffeine supplemented vigor drink. It contains some parts of mystery, color craftiness and multivitamin.

An officially recognized personal trainer on dietitian, Dr Wendy Brazilian (DrPH)knows lots buzzes are engaged to it.

It boosts your energy by increasing your productivity, reeving up metabolism and achieving highest health as well as standard fitness. A researcher, Shannon Ashley found it can control hunger and appetency providing much energy.

Loaded tea recipe of Southern belle

To create loaded tea there are some supplementary items are necessary. Some supplements are beneficial for health and some make you better perform.

It also can be prepared with some Herbalife products. But you use only supplementary products which can provide minerals and vitamins to you.

Besides, protein-based manufacturers like caffeine is also useable which have nutrients of energy – stimulates.

These items are available on your local supplementary store. They also help to lose weight and broaden energy and protein.

Basic boosted tea recipe

Basic boosted tea is one kind of loaded tea famous in Southern belle. There are various types of loaded tea recipes like basic boosted tea.

Refreshing peach boosted tea is one of them. Besides, some boosted tea ad Tahiti tea, Cosmo, watermelon splash etc. are engaged in loaded tea recipe of Southern belle.

Here, we shared about basic tea recipe that may help you to maintain your regular diet by following it. It is made with herbal tea concentrate in a Herbalife way. The ingredients liftoff, aloe and sugar free flavorings used in this recipe are sustained to make energy and clarity.

It is possible to make this loaded tea at home without hassles within very little time. These ingredients also give vitamin b, c with ginkgo Bilobaand flavorings help you to be free from sugar.

Most Healthy Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe

Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe
  • Prep Time3 min
  • Cook Time2 min
  • Total Time5 min
  • YieldTea
  • Serving Size2
  • Energy20 cal

Ingredients of Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe

  • 1 Liftoff
  • 1 oz of herbal aloe concentrate ( mixed in 3 oz of cold water)
  • ½ tsp of herbal tea concentrate
  • Hot water
  • Flavoring of sugar free
  • Ice

Instructions for Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe


Liquefy liftoff and herbal tea into 2oz of hot water.


Pour them into the bottom of your cup and fill it with ice


Confer herbal aloe over filled ice in the cup.


Mix sugar free flavoring into 4oz cold water.


Now you can mix other ingredients to it if you choose.

This is an extra note from author. This can be any tip, suggestion or fact related to the recipe.
  • Serving Size2
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories20
  • % Daily Value*

Why Aloe concentrate?

Herbal aloe concentrate is the best popular component using in loaded tea that makes Herbalife.

It has little sweet. This loaded tea recipe also carries leaves of Vera and more ingredients that provides sweet flavors.

Nutrition information

Loaded tea is so much healthiest and dietitian recipe that helps you increasing your mental alertness and broadening your concentration.

It contains vitamin b and c that supports your energy building up and provides antioxidant.

Caffeine belongs to it increase metabolism of human temporarily. The nutrients of it mitigate stomach and clinch healthy digestion.

Loaded tea is safe?

People who are addicted to drink much caffeine per day have not problem to use it. But the sensitive people to caffeine may feel jittery and trouble sleeping.

It may create urination, skin irritation, nausea and increasing heart rate for imbibing loaded tea much. In stead of these, loaded tea is good for your health condition depending on ingredients.

The vitamin and caffeine intake can tolerant your thoughts. But doctor may not suggest you to habit on it. It contributes to hydration and health benefits.

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