Main 11 Reasons for not Being able to Lose Weight

You may know after finishing this article: About the things that are hindering your weight loss. If you are exercising regularly but it is not working for weight loss, then you may not be following some rules that are causing this problem. If you can fix all those problems then you can enjoy your desired results.

Main reasons for not being able to lose weight, you may be eating regular greens, fresh fruits and salads, but the results may not be what you expect. So where is the problem?

Are you missing out on something important? Which you may not understand. Then you can join our discussion and try to find out where your problem is.

Looks like you don’t get enough sleep

Reasons for not Being able to Lose Weight

Not having enough sleep is one of the reasons for weight gain.

However, excessive sleepiness and a minimal amount of sleep will play an important role in increasing your weight, especially if you sleep less than 5 hours a night, then assume that you are going to face a problem.

The hormone that is produced in your body through sleep can control your body and your appetite. Even if you are busy, try to get enough sleep.

You seem to not drink enough water

You may not be overweight because of not drinking enough water regularly, or you may not know when you should drink it.

Getting enough water can increase your metabolism and improve digestion, thus reducing your extra weight.

If your weight is 100 pounds then you should drink 50-100 ounces of water daily. Now think about whether the amount of water you drink is OK.

Synopsis: Are you drinking the amount of water that an adult should drink? If you haven’t done so, you should look into that, because if you don’t drink enough water, you won’t be healthy and it won’t be easy to lose weight.

It seems you are not eating timely

Eating timely is very important for weight loss, because if you skip eating once, then you will be consuming more foods later.

Which can hinder your weight control. So try to eat something in time, otherwise your appetite will increase.

Synopsis: If you don’t eat on time, it will be very difficult for you to lose weight. In that case, instead of losing weight, you may gain weight, because skipping a meal or eating late will be bad for you because the amount of food you eat will increase later.

You seem to be eating outside

You seem to be eating outside

Has eating outside been a habit for you? Then you will have a little problem to lose weight.

Avoid eating outdoors today, because outside food is not healthy at all. One study found that people who eat more food outdoors have more weight than others. So, it’s strictly prohibited for you.

Synopsis: If you prefer outside foods then you are less likely to lose weight. Because the food you eat outside is just what you eat considering the taste. However, those foods are not healthy at all, extra fat and calorie rich foods that are responsible for your obesity.

You seem to spend most of the time sitting in a chair

How do you burn calories if you spend most of your time sitting? That’s why you are not losing weight, because you are consuming more than burning calories.

You can walk inside your office a little, so your body will feel a bit light.

Synopsis: It is not possible for you to lose weight if you spend most of the time in sitting. In that case you can walk a short distance inside the home or office.

It looks like you’re addicted to alcohol

 addicted to alcohol

Are you addicted to alcohol in addition to weight control? If so, your habits will change a bit, as weight control and alcohol cannot stay side by side.

You drink more water instead of it, I know drinking water will not taste very good, then try to drink water.

Drink water to mix lemons when needed. It will reduce your weight significantly.

Synopsis: If you want to lose weight you need to quit smoking and drinking alcohol completely. Otherwise your weight loss journey will be a complete failure.

You seem to be addicted to fast food

addicted to fast food

Besides eating regular vegetables and fruits, do you try a little fast food? If the answer is yes then there is bad news for you, that is, from today you will not be able to walk side by the fast food shop.

It will increase your blood cholesterol so much that it can lead to death.

Synopsis: You need to avoid all kinds of unhealthy foods, including fast food. High calorie and fatty foods can hinder your weight loss.

You seem to be a little weak in picking food

You need to be skillful in choosing the right foods, and also have an idea of the nutritional value of the food.

Then it will almost appear that you have selected the wrong food. So before going to a restaurant, decide what you want to eat and whether the food is healthy.

Do not rush into the selection of food!!!!

Synopsis: It is very important to choose the right food to lose weight, nutritious food will help you in this regard. If you do not choose the right foods, your weight loss journey may fail.

Your Thyroid’s condition doesn’t look good

Your Thyroid produces a type of hormone that regulates your energy levels, and if that Thyroid’s condition worsens, it’s normal to gain weight or lose weight altogether.

So consult a doctor, and try to live up to his advice.

Synopsis: If the thyroid condition is not in your favor then it can prevent you from losing weight. So check your thyroid condition and discuss with your doctor if necessary.

Are you pregnant?

If you are pregnant, it is normal for you to have weight.

However, the worry is whether you are pregnant with obesity, if so, always follow the doctor’s advice, if you suffer from obesity.

Synopsis: It is very difficult to lose weight during pregnancy so consult a good gynecologist in this regard.

You’re in Menopause

You cannot control the weight in menopause. This is normal, because at this time the muscles are not well structured and the hormone changes.

So you keep trying without thinking, success will catch on.

Always remember that gaining weight is easy but losing weight is very difficult. So always try your best, you will succeed.

Synopsis: There is no need to worry even if you do not lose weight in this situation, because during that time occur hormonal changes and the body does not respond properly.


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