Metformin for Weight Loss: Best 5 things that help you

You may know after finishing this article: Basically metformin is not a recognized drug that can help you lose weight. However, it is true that although not recognized, this drug has long been used to reduce the weight of diabetic patients. However, if you want to use this medicine, you must follow the advice of your doctor.

Metformin for Weight Loss, Metformin is a generic drug for type 2 diabetes patients, which helps them lose weight.

However, it is also true that these drugs cannot produce good results without other drugs and insulin.

However, doctors sometimes prescribe this medicine because of polycystic ovarian syndrome in women.

Although this drug is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for weight loss.

In this article we will discuss some of the metformin that you may find useful in your weight loss journey.

Can Metformin Really Lose Weight?

Metformin for Weight Loss

According to those who have type-2 diabetes patients lost weight through metformin, you cannot lose 1 pound with only metformin.

One study found that some people lost weight with metformin when they had insulin resistance.

Some evidence suggests that metformin is effective for weight loss, but the fact is that it has no good scientific explanation and doctors have no idea how it really works.

But doctors are convinced that metformin is very effective in reducing appetite.

That’s why most doctors recommend this medicine for type 2 diabetes patients as well as diet and some important exercises and according to them, if a person wants to lose weight using metformin, they must follow a diet and exercise routine.

Synopsis: There is no clear evidence that it works in what way to lose weight. However, it plays an important role in curbing hunger. So take according to the doctor’s instructions.

How accurate is the use of metformin for weight loss?

Although FDA has not yet been approved as a metformin supplement for weight loss, doctors still recommend using the drug in certain cases.

But doctors provide more guidance with this drug, except that metformin may not work well, like eating nutritious foods, eliminating high-calorie foods and some essential exercises.

Use of this drug is very unlikely to cause miracle, it may result in prolonged use, and if you stop taking this drug, your weight is more likely to return to its previous position.

Synopsis: In order to benefit from metformin, you need to use it in addition to diet and regular physical exercise.

What dose is enough for you?

It is actually very difficult to determine the exact dose, depending on the level of your diabetes. So consult your doctor.

We will discuss some common doses of this but it is best not to take accordingly.

  • According to the doctor’s advice, taking 500 to 1000mg of metformin is sufficient for an adult, but taking no more than 2000mg a day
  • If metformin is liquid then taking 5 to 8ml is sufficient for an adult person, but no more than 15ml should be taken in one day.
  • In children, it is best to eat liquid medicine, but not more than 5ml in two times a day. However, it must be taken as per the doctor’s advice.
  • If any dose is missed, it should be taken as fast as possible, but if it is time for another dose, it is better to exclude the previous one.

If you experience any problems within a few days of taking the medicine, speak to a doctor immediately.

Side effects of using metformin drugs

Side effects of using metformin drugs

Since these drugs are not approved by the FDA, they have some caution in regard to their side effects.

Some people who have been taking this medicine for a long time and if they are unable to adapt it to the body, then some of the following are common problems.

  •        Body weakness can occur
  •        It can be difficult to breathe
  •        Dizziness can occur
  •        There may be abnormal pain in the muscle
  •        May lead to abnormal sleep
  •        May cause severe pain in the abdomen
  •        Can cause nausea

Best Decision

Try to lose weight the other way because it is normal for any drug to have side effects, so try it naturally then you can get help with metformin if not successful.

But it must be according to the doctor’s advice. Good luck to you!!!


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