How to Stop Overeating : A amazingly Easy 7 Trick to Control

You may know after finishing this article: For some of our daily bad habits we almost always eat more food than we need which is responsible for our weight gain. However, if we are a little aware of the issues discussed below, we can live a healthy life.

How to Stop Overeating, Actually changing habits is very difficult, maybe if I say change your eating habits then maybe you will be upset.

Who wants to be able to take away their favorite foods? Still, we must make this sacrifice to live a healthy life. Statistics show that those who consume excess food suffer from overweight.

So if we can change our eating habits and not eating too much food, maybe our daily lives will be much happier.

If a little awareness can keep us healthy then we should follow it. Although controlling eating habits and consuming low-fat foods is not an easy task, try a little as it will prevent you from going to the doctor.

I know that one day everything will not change, but try it a little bit to see if everything is okay at one time.

But if you do not start, it will never be okay. But to help you, I have some tips that will help you change your eating habits.

Avoid keeping an eye on the digital screen when consuming food

A amazingly Easy 7 Trick to Control Overeating

As you may have noticed, cartoons are shown when feeding young children. But do you know why?

In this, children are consuming more food because they keep their attention on the whole cartoon so that they do not understand when they have eaten so much food. Mothers follow this strategy to feed their children.

So you understand, when all the food in your house will be finished by taking food on the digital screen. It does not focus on food intake, so hormones can not respond properly.

As a result, it is normal to consume more food. If you take food very carefully, even turn off your mobile screen while taking food, you will not be able to take more than moderate food.

More questions that may arise in your mind about Avoid keeping an eye on the digital screen
Are digital screens bad for your eyes?
  • It can cause serious damage to your retina. Studies have shown that blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the eye that can later become blind.
How do I protect my eyes while looking at a computer screen?
  • When you work on a digital screen, you can reduce the problem of your eyes through a few things, such as; Ensure adequate room lighting, use high resolution screens, perform regular eye medical tests, and maintain a certain distance. Moreover, if you work on the screen for 20 minutes, then look at an object at a distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds.
Can you go blind from too much screen time?
  • There is no such clinical evidence, but long-term use can cause serious eye damage
Which monitor setting is best for eyes?
  • Adjusting the contrast level can reduce the problem of your eyes. Most people feel comfortable keeping the contrast level at 60 to 70 percent.
What are the symptoms of too much screen time?
  • This can lead to some problems inside you such as depression, sleep problems, neck and back pain and depression.

Synopsis: If hormones respond properly we will be satiated when we take food. However, with its exception, our food intake may increase. So it is better not to pay attention to the other side while taking food.  

Choose foods that encourage you to eat more

Pick foods that encourage you to eat more and refrain from storing them in the fridge. Notice that when you drink ice-cream or a drink, your desire to eat will increase manifold.

So try to make sure these types of foods are low in the house. Instead, you can give importance to a healthy diet that will help you stay in control of your weight and your health.

More questions that may arise in your mind about foods that encourage you to eat more
What food kills hunger?
  • There are some foods that can reduce your appetite such as; Apples, oat bran, eggs, avocado and yogurt.
What home remedy is good for hunger?
  • You can use various methods to increase appetite such as; You can have regular meals, choose Nutrient-Rich Foods, have a good breakfast, and have low-fiber foods.
What foods should we eat more of?
  • Eat more green vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, cheese and lean meat
What to do if you have no appetite?
  • First you have to notice why you are not hungry. If necessary, change your food list, try to eat something different instead of eating the same food over and over again. Moreover try to workout.
Why do I never feel hungry?
  • Some problems like depression, anxiety and stress can reduce your appetite. However, if you do regular physical exercise, you will get good results.

Synopsis: Foods that are silently harming our bodies should be removed from the home. There are some foods that are very tempting but harmful that we should avoid.

Drink some water before eating

You know there are some rules for drinking water, one of which is to drink some water before eating. This will reduce your intake of food as well as play an important role in your digestion.

But do not drink too much water and your food needs can be severely damaged and you may become weak. One glass of water is sufficient before eating, so try to drink water before eating.

More questions that may arise in your mind about drink some water before eating
Why should you drink water before a meal?
  • Remember that fluids help to shrink your large food particles, and also play an important role in food digestion
Can you lose weight by drinking water before meals?
  • Water is the only drink that is completely calorie free. Drinking enough water helps to reduce excess weight, especially if you drink water before meals. Water improves digestion and also plays an important role in suppressing appetite.
Is it OK to drink water on an empty stomach?
  • Water can be drunk on an empty stomach, but it is better to drink it in the morning. This will eliminate stomach acidity.
Is it bad to drink water at night?
  • It is good to drink water at night but it is better not to drink water very close to going to sleep as it can be harmful for your heart and disturb sleep.
Should we not drink water after eating?
  • There is no problem in drinking water before or after meals, but it is better not to drink too much water after meals as it may cause nausea.

Synopsis: Improving digestion is very important for controlling body weight. In that case, if you drink a glass of water before eating, you can get good results.

Avoid taking food from cartoons

Avoid taking food from cartoons

If you have more food in front of you, it is normal for you to eat more, such as if you were given a cartoon ice cream in front of you, then you should definitely not eat an ice cream but try to eat more.

This way if any food cartoon comes to you, you will eat more than usual. So try to take any food out of a single packet, so you eat less so your weight is also under control.

Try to relieve stress

You will never be able to control your intake of food without relieving stress. So try to minimize stress as much as possible. Because chronic stress produces a type of hormone that increases the appetite manifold.

Moreover, if there is stress, there is no focus and control over the intake of food, resulting in rapid weight gain. So try to find ways to reduce stress so that your diet is controlled and your weight is in control.

More questions that may arise in your mind about relieve stress
What are the ways to relieve stress?
  • There are several ways you can reduce your stress, such as exercising regularly, meditating, going out, and spending time with loved ones.
What foods reduce stress?
  • There are some nutritious foods that can help you like garlic, chamomile tea, kimchi, matcha powder and fatty fish.
Can stress kill me?
  • Stress may not kill you directly but it can be responsible for your premature death. If you are under stress, you will be associated with various bad habits such as: excessive smoking and drinking alcohol. This will damage your vital organs and you may die.
How do I know I am stressed?
  • You can notice some normal signs that you are under stress such as: you are sweating, you are not feeling hungry, you are not getting good sleep and you are not able to concentrate on anything.
How bad is stress on your body?
  • Chronic stress can have serious effects on your body. This can cause you to lose immunity, increasing your risk of stroke and heart attack.

Synopsis: Try to stay stress free as much as possible as excess stress will increase your body weight, because if you are under stress the body loses control over hormones.

Try to eat more fiber rich foods

How to Stop Overeating
fiber rich foods

Try to eat more fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, grains and fruits. Because fiber-rich foods will help you to be satisfied for longer.

Moreover, it will improve your digestion process which plays an important role in reducing your weight. So try to make sure you always have fiber rich foods in your diet.

More questions that may arise in your mind about eating fiber rich foods
What foods are highest in fiber?
  • There are some foods that can be one of your sources of fiber, such as beans, berries, citrus fruits, nuts and apples. Moreover there are many fiber rich vegetables that can help you
Are Bananas high in fiber?
  • Bananas are included in the list of high fiber foods. A medium sized banana contains 3.1 grams of fiber which is very beneficial for health
Which fiber is best?
  • There are two types of fiber in which soluble fiber is able to prevent your heart disease as well as insoluble fiber will help to improve your digestion process. Soluble fiber is usually found in dried beans, rice bran, citrus fruits and strawberries, and insoluble fiber is found in carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, nuts and seeds.
Is spinach high in fiber?
  • It is a food with high levels of insoluble fiber which plays an important role in keeping your digestion process normal
How much Fibre do I need per day?
  • Recent studies have shown that an adult should consume at least 30 grams of fiber a day

Synopsis: Try to include more fibrous foods in your daily diet as it will improve your digestion so you can control your weight.

Have regular breakfast

Remember that breakfast is very important to you. Try to make timely breakfast and keep in mind the presence of nutritious foods.

Especially as protein is a must. Never skip breakfast, because if you do not eat breakfast, you will eat more during the next meal.

As a result, you will lose control over your intake of food and you will gradually move to obesity which is not desirable at all.

The Meat and Potatoes

We know that overeating is responsible for our excess weight gain. However, it is possible to avoid taking extra food if you take care of some things on a daily basis.


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