How Much Water Should I Drink for Weight Loss: Best 9 tips for staying hydrated

You may know after finishing this article:  Drinking enough water helps in increasing the metabolism of the body and it plays an important role in weight loss. But here you can find out how much water will be good for you, as well as many pros and cons that will help you in your weight loss journey.

How Much Water Should I Drink for Weight Loss, not only to reduce weight but also to keep the body healthy, there is no alternative to water.

The main function of water is to properly handle the organs of the body, just like a car cannot move without oil, the human body cannot move without water.

How does water affect your body to reduce weight?

How Much Water Should I Drink for Weight Loss

Not only will you lose weight by drinking enough water but it will not be very productive if you do not drink enough water with other activities for weight loss.

It usually helps to reduce body weight by increasing the digestion process and metabolism. One study found that drinking half a liter of water increased metabolism by 25-30% within 1-2 hours.

So it has been calculated that by drinking 2 liters of water per day it is possible to burn an average of 95 calories. Drinking fairly cold quality water is good because the body tries to heat the water by burning calories after the water is in the body.

Remember to try drinking water before taking every meals, as it will improve the digestion process and reduce the tendency to overeat.

More questions that may arise in your mind about drinking water
Can water reduce belly fat?
  • Drinking enough water to burn any body fat is very important. A small-scale study has shown that drinking enough water increases lipolysis, which in turn can play an important role in burning fat.
Does drinking water clear skin?
  • Drinking enough water flushes out toxins from the body which plays a role in increasing the radiance of your skin
Should I drink water every hour?
  • Consult your doctor if you are worried about how often you will drink water. However, usually 2-3 cups of water can be drunk every hour
How much water should I drink based on my weight?
  • You should drink one ounce or half an ounce of water regularly for every pound of weight. If you weigh 120 pounds, you need to drink 60 or 120 ounces of water regularly
Does drinking water reduce pimples?
  • Initially it was found to be able to prevent acne, as drinking enough water helps keep your skin hydrated. On the other hand dry skin plays a role in oil production in the face which is responsible for acne

Synopsis: Improving digestion and increasing the body’s metabolism are very important in weight loss. In that case you need to drink enough water, because these two events are directly related to the issue of drinking enough water.

How much water should you drink?

It is not a matter of having to drink more water, in fact you need to drink water according to your needs. However, most of us do not know how our water demand really is!!

We can understand when we are hungry but we do not understand that when we are thirsty. Specifically, a person’s water needs depend on his/her weight, his/her activities and other circumstances.

For every pound you weigh, you can drink 1 ounces or half an ounce of water, for example, if you weigh 100 pounds, then you should drink 50-100 ounces.

But this is not certain, if you exercise regularly or you live in the dessert area, your water demand may be high.

And if you live in a cold area, your water demand may be lower. You will also be able to decide how much water you should drink by looking at the color of your urine.

Synopsis: In fact, the amount of water you should drink each day depends on a number of factors. Especially how much water you are currently drinking regularly, what kind of food you are taking or whether you are exercising regularly. But with all that in mind you will decide how much water you should drink more.

Take a look at your urine colors and water needs

  • Transparent– you are overhydrated, so reduce the water intake a bit
  • Lemonade-it’s optimal hydration, let’s go this way
  • Light beer-still hydrated
  • Burnt Orange-You are completely dehydrated, Drink enough water

When is it best to drink water?

Drink water before eating

Drink water before eating

Drinking water before eating is best, as it improves the digestion process and reduces the demand for additional food.

WebMD revealed in one of their articles that if a person drinks water before eating, it reduces intake of 75 calories in every meal.

In that case, it reduces intake of 27,000 calories in every year. Therefore, it is possible to lose 8 pounds of weight per year by drinking water before taking meals.

Synopsis: You can’t imagine that how much benefits of drinking enough water before eating !! And all of that is associated with weight loss, such as drinking water before meals will reduce your intake of food, improve digestion and increase metabolism.

Try to drink water for at least half an hour after eating

Avoid drinking water while eating food, as drinking water while eating can cause digestive problems. And drinking water after taking meal can help in the digestion process.

Drink water instead of alcohol

If you have an addiction to alcohol, try drinking water instead, I know you will not get the taste like alcohol but it will not harm you as alcohol does.

If you just bore to drink water, then you can mix it with a little lemon in water. Moreover, water mixed with lemon will reduce your appetite.

Synopsis: Free yourself from alcohol addiction, in which case you should drink enough water instead of alcohol. If necessary, drink water mixed with lemon water or something else.

Whenever you drink water, try to drink cold water

We have an idea that cold water helps increase body weight, but the idea is not right. One study found that cold water burns more calories.

Because when your body enters something lower than the ambient temperature, the body is busy to raise the temperature, and in this case, our calories serve as the fuel.

So always try to drink cold water.

Synopsis: Tolerable cold water can help you lose weight, as cold water can burn more calories than normal water.

Drink enough water after exercise

Drink enough water after exercise

Regular exercise can cause dehydration in your body, so drink enough water after some time of exercise.

Always ask yourself if you have been drinking enough water today. If the answer is no, then drink instantly sufficient water, always carry a water bottle with you if you are busy.

More questions that may arise in your mind about drinking water after exercise
What happens if you don’t drink enough water after working out?
  • If you do not drink enough water after exercising, your body temperature and heart rate will rise which can make you tired.
When should I drink water after exercise?
  • You should not drink water immediately after the end of exercise, in which case it is better to drink water with at least 20 minutes to half an hour rest.
Is it bad to drink cold water after exercise?
  • It is best not to drink cold water as soon as the exercise is over, in which case it is best to keep the body cool naturally.

Synopsis: Exercising removes enough fluid from the body, in which case you need to drink enough water after exercising. If necessary, drink glucose mixed water to regain energy, it is better if you consult your gymnast.


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