6 Healthy Breakfast Foods: for losing weight

You may know after finishing this article: It is very important to choose a food list for breakfast, because the healthier your breakfast, the better you can stay. Here are some food lists that will help you stay healthy in your daily life.

Healthy Breakfast Foods That Help You to Lose Weight, Most people try to avoid breakfast. Because they think the increase or decrease in body weight does not depend on breakfast.

But their ideas are not quite right. Your body weight gain or reduction depends a lot on breakfast.

Always try to eat nutritious foods at breakfast so that you can be satiated for a long time, which will reduce your intake of foods later and allow your body to control calorie intake.

Moreover, protein and caffeine in the breakfast increase your metabolism which plays a role in reducing your weight.

Most people think that if they do not have breakfast in the morning, it is helpful for weight loss but it can contradict your diet, you may get sick very quickly.
So let’s talk about the foods you eat for breakfast and they will help you lose weight.


Best 6 Healthy Breakfast Foods That Help You to Lose Weight

Get out of the superstition of not eating eggs for breakfast. It is still the idea of ​​many people to increase their body weight by eating eggs at breakfast.

But this idea is not right, eat a hard boil egg in the breakfast and stay satiated for a long time that you need to lose weight.

Make sure protein and caffeine are present at breakfast, as they are helpful for weight loss. You can eat eggs to meet your protein needs, in addition to protein that contains selenium and riboflavin, which is vital for your body.

Also, when you eat eggs at breakfast, you will eat less during the next meal, which will play a role in your weight loss.

More questions that may arise in your mind about eating eggs
Is it OK to eat eggs every day?
  • Science has confirmed that it is safe for a healthy person to eat three eggs a day. It helps to raise HDL (Good Cholesterol) but very few people have the experience that it also raises LDL (Bad Cholesterol).
What are the benefits of eating boiled eggs?
  • Hard-boiled eggs usually contain very few calories and a lot of nutrients. Moreover, if you eat it for breakfast, you can stay satiated for a long time
What’s bad about eating eggs?
  • It contains fat and LDL, which means bad cholesterol can damage your heart and increase your risk of prostate cancer.
Does egg increase weight?
  • Eggs are usually a low calorie and high protein rich food. It helps to lose weight, but it will be more effective if one includes it in a calorie-controlled diet.
Can I eat egg at night?
  • The rest of the egg without the yolk can be helpful for your sleep. So if you want to eat eggs at night, eat without yolks.

Synopsis: It is very important to have protein for breakfast, in which case you can have eggs for breakfast. Because eggs contain a lot of protein which will help you stay satiated.



It has been tested that a cup of coffee at breakfast can play an important role in reducing your weight.

Because the caffeine contained in it will help increase your metabolism, and increasing metabolism is very important for weight loss.

A study conducted on eight adults found that people who drink coffee regularly have an increased metabolism by at least 13%. So try to have a regular cup of coffee at breakfast.

More questions that may arise in your mind about drinking coffee
Why is coffee bad for you?
  • If you are allergic to caffeine, you may feel embarrassed after drinking coffee. Your caffeine intake may increase anxiety, increase heart rate, and lead to sleep deprivation.
What happens to your body when you drink coffee?
  • Caffeine can act as a stimulant for the central nervous system. As a result, drinking coffee will refresh your brain very quickly and you will regain energy.
Is coffee good for weight loss?
  • There is no conclusive evidence that coffee can reduce weight, but there is little evidence that it can help prevent weight gain.
How much coffee is healthy?
  • A healthy person can drink up to 400 mg of coffee a day, which is about 4 cups
Is black coffee healthy?
  • Black coffee is rich in antioxidants that protect against cell damage and build resistance to complex diseases such as cancer.

Synopsis: The caffeine in coffee will help increase your metabolism which is directly related to your weight loss, so it is best to have a cup of coffee for breakfast.


This can be a great meal for your breakfast, as it contains plenty of fiber and some essential fat. It can also be an alternative to your sugary diet.

A medium type of banana usually contains 100 calories and 3 gram of dietary fiber. One of the specialties of dietary fiber is that it will help you stay satiated for longer and help you digest your food easier.

From each study we can conclude that the dietary fiber we consume from fruits is directly linked to weight loss.
So at breakfast you can eat a medium sized banana.

More questions that may arise in your mind about eating banana
Is it OK to eat a banana every day?
  • There is no doubt that banana is one of the most popular fruits and it is rich in nutrients. However, eating too much banana can do more harm than good. It is better to eat one to two bananas a day
What is bad about bananas?
  • Bananas are a sugary fruit so overeating can cause tooth decay. Moreover, it contains a lot of carbs and protein which can help in weight gain
Do bananas cause belly fat?
  • If you eat a moderate amount of bananas, it is not responsible for your belly fat, also it will play a role in your weight control.
What is the best time to eat banana?
  • You can eat banana at any time except at night. You can prioritize bananas especially after workout
Which fruit is best for empty stomach?
  • You can eat Papaya on an empty stomach, it will be easily digested without any gas pumping. Papaya will lower your bad cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart attack

Synopsis: Fibrous foods help reduce excess body weight, so bananas can be your daily breakfast companion. Because bananas contain a lot of essential fats and fiber which can play an important role in your weight control.


Hope you have a delicious breakfast with a delicious meal. This will make your breakfast livelier. Also, the amount of protein contained in Yogurt will help you lose weight.

Protein will usually help keep you satiated, a study has shown that people who eat yogurt at breakfast consume at least 5 calories a day at other times. So realize how important it is to play your weight loss.

More questions that may arise in your mind about eating yogurt
Why yogurt is bad for your health?
  • It depends on what kind of yogurt you eat regularly, if it is unhealthy saturated fat and sugary then it is harmful for you
How much yogurt can I eat a day?
  • Like other foods, yogurt should be eaten in moderation, with the USDA recommending that a person over the age of 9 should not eat more than 3 cups of dairy foods a day.
Which yogurt is healthy?
  • Basically plain yogurt is the healthiest, but if you have trouble eating you can mix some sugary fruits.
Can too much yogurt make you sick?
  • Eating too much dairy food can interfere with your digestion
How much yogurt should I eat a day to lose weight?
  • According to dietary guideline, eating one cup of plain Greek yogurt a day is good for health

Synopsis: It is very important to have protein for breakfast as it will prevent you from overeating as well as help you lose weight.



If breakfast contains varietal and nutrient rich foods, then it is normal for you to grow in interest. So add this fruit to breakfast, which will increase your interest in food and meet your goals.

Because the vitamins and fiber contained in different types of berries will help you lose weight. Moreover, it can also prevent the intake of calories.

One study found that people who take this fruit at breakfast consume at least 133 calories less intake a day at other times. So it can make your breakfast more productive for your weight loss.

More questions that may arise in your mind about eating berries
What does berries do for your body?
  • It is a low calorie and high fiber, vitamin C and antioxidant food so it is beneficial for health. Moreover there are some berries are clinically certified that are also beneficial for the heart.
What happens if you eat berries everyday?
  • Some studies have shown that one bowl of berries can boost your immune system and reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease.
How many berries should I eat a day?
  • Berries are antioxidants and vitamin rich fruits. It is able to prevent heart attacks and various complex diseases. It is healthy for a adult person to eat two cups of berries daily
Can you eat too many berries?
  • There is no evidence that overeating this fruit causes serious problems. However, since it is a sugary fruit, it is usually better to eat a moderate amount, and even if you want to eat more, it should be increased gradually
Is it healthy to eat berries for breakfast?
  • It would be great if you could eat berries for breakfast, as they contain low calories and high levels of fiber and antioxidants.

Synopsis: Vitamins and fiber rich foods are very important for breakfast to control weight. It is such a fruit that you get vitamins and fiver.


Healthy Breakfast Foods

This will add new levels to your breakfast, as the amount of fiber, protein and health fat will help you lose weight.

Fiber and protein help keep you satiated, which lowers your calorie intake. However, it is better not to take more than one at a time as its caloric density is slightly higher so do not take more than 28 grams at once.

More questions that may arise in your mind about eating nuts
How many nuts should you eat a day?
  • It is healthy for an adult to eat one ounce or 28 grams of nuts
What is the healthiest way to eat nuts?
  • The best way is to soak some nuts overnight and eat them in the morning. Because it will meet your protein needs which will help you stay satiated for a long time
How many Brazil nuts are safe to eat a day?
  • It plays an important role in reducing inflammation, improving brain and thyroid function. However, according to nutritionists, it is better to eat one to three Brazil nuts a day
Can we eat nuts at night?
  • Almonds are one of the main sources of melatonin that control your sleep at night, so you can eat one or two almonds for a good night’s sleep.
Which nuts are real nuts?
  • Chestnuts, acorns and hazelnuts are real nuts

Synopsis: Excess fat is harmful to the body but it contains some healthy fats which are very important for the body. Nuts also contain a lot of healthy fats, as well as vitamins and fiber that are important for keeping our bodies healthy.

The Meat and Potatoes

All those who are health conscious should give importance to breakfast. If you choose nutritious foods for breakfast, it can play an important role in keeping us healthy. So when we list of breakfast foods, we must choose that will help keep our body healthy, such as vitamins, proteins and fiber.


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