Dutch Bros Annihilator Recipe At Home

Sometimes you want extra nutrition after a tiresome day. A delightful chocolatey coffee with nut syrup can eliminate your drowsiness.

Dutch Bros Annihilator is a perfect choice: a blend of strong espresso and creamy half-and-half chocolate macadamia nut syrup.

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The nutritional value is increased enough as a mixture of coffee, nuts, and chocolate. Do not wait any longer! Go through the Dutch Bros Annihilator recipe given here to fill up your cravings.

You may enjoy your favorite drink anytime if you can learn the recipe.

Dutch Bros Annihilator recipe

What Is Dutch Bros Annihilator?

Dutch Bros Annihilator is a unique type of coffee with a combination of chocolate and nut syrup. It is available in 3 forms: iced, hot & blended. 

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You can prepare as per your preference. A cup of annihilator may include 26g of carbs, 170 calories, 6g of fat, and 20 mg of cholesterol.

Dutch Bro established their place in the coffee industry in the early ‘90s. These fastest-growing beans will be making coffee chains soon. The beans are collected from Brazil, Colombia, and EL Salvador farms.

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How To Make?

Sipping coffee in the early morning is routine work for coffee lovers. Everyone does not like black coffee.

Dutch Bros Annihilator is the smart version of coffee chains.

Making a cup of annihilator is not difficult at all. If you like these drinks, you may get a homemade annihilator anytime by following the recipe.

Once you learn to prepare, then adjusting will be easy later. Adding more espresso or creamy syrup can change the taste of your drinks.

Dutch Bros Annihilator recipe

Dutch Bros Annihilator recipe

To prepare your annihilator, gather the necessary equipment. It is very easy to make with few ingredients. Follow the recipe given below step by step.

  • Prep Time5 min
  • Total Time5 min
  • YieldDrinks
  • Serving Size1
  • Energy630 cal

Ingredients of Dutch Bros Annihilator recipe

  • Two shots of espresso or more to increase the taste
  • Four ounces half and half
  • Two tablespoons of chocolate macadamia or more to taste
  • Measuring spoons
  • Tall serving pot or jar
  • Coffee filter

Instructions for Dutch Bros Annihilator recipe


Take the espresso shots first. Then, steam the half-and-half and mix it with espresso.


Customize your annihilator until it becomes perfect.


Before blending this mixture, add one ounce of chocolate macadamia nut syrup.


Now, make a trial to sip your drinks. Customize the ingredients before serving anyone.


Adjust the taste to add more espresso or cream syrup. If you feel it becomes too sweet, add more espresso.


Add more syrup to adjust the sweetness when it is not sweet enough.


If you want an iced version, pour the annihilator into a 16-ounce cup full of ice.


All ingredients remain the same; mix them with ice. If you want a blended version, pour the mixture into a blender until they are fluffy.

This is an extra note from author. This can be any tip, suggestion or fact related to the recipe.
  • Serving Size1
  • Amount per serving
  • Calories630
  • % Daily Value*Standard DV
  • Total Fat45 g78 g57.69%
  • Saturated Fat30 g20 g150%
  • Trans Fat0 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat0 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat0 g
  • Cholesterol230 mg300 mg76.67%
  • Sodium240 mg2300 mg10.43%
  • Total Carbohydrate36 g275 g13.09%
  • Dietary Fiber0 g28 g0%
  • Total Sugars35 g
  • Added Sugars- g50 g0%
  • Sugar Alcohal- g
  • Protein15 g50 g30%
  • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)- IU800 IU0%
  • Calcium- mg1300 mg0%
  • Iron- mg18 mg0%
  • Potassium- mg4700 mg0%
  • Vitamin A- mcg900 mcg0%
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)- mg90 mg0%
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol)- IU33 IU0%

Customize Your Drink

There are plenty of ways to customize your Dutch Bros Annihilator. You can customize it if you have an allergy to dairy products.

Make your homemade annihilator with low-carb, sugar, and fat. You can use soy, almond, or oat milk instead of creamy half-and-half.

When you have problems with calories, it is better to use a sugar-free version of chocolate macadamia. Though the creaminess would not be the same, the fitness issue remains ok.

If you do not have an espresso machine, you can enjoy a cold brew at home. It has less chance of creating acidity than the regular one.

Extra Tips to Make the Dutch Bros Annihilator recipe:

  • You can store leftover coffee in the refrigerator for 1 week.
  • For the iced version, you can prefer the ice cream and leave out the ice cubes.
  • A jar or tall glass is recommended to serve these creamy drinks.
  • Use a coffee filter to remove natural oil before serving.
  • A French press can help you to make your drinks easily.
  • It is very nice to use coffee ice cubes for the ice version if melted ice can minimize the taste.
  • You may add caramel or extra cream to top the beverage. As a soft topping, you may try whipped buttermilk with chocolate milk.

Do not pour coffee directly into ice cubes in a coffee pot or jar. Extreme temperature changes can break down the pot.

Frequently Ask Questions:

1. How many shots are in an Annihilator of Dutch Bros?

Ans: There are 32 shots in Dutch Bros Annihilator. Other annihilators may contain 16 shots usually.

2. How much sweetness is in a Dutch Bros Annihilator?

Ans: A glass of Dutch Bros Annihilator can incorporate 50.1g of sugar. You can customize the sweetness by adjusting the creamy syrup.

3. What is the healthiest thing from Dutch Bros?

Ans: Americano or cold brew contains the lowest calorie of any breve options. As a floured drink, Cold brew or nitro comprises fewer calories.

4. What makes Dutch Bros so special?

Ans: Dutch Bros includes cappuccinos that substitute half-and-half in place of whole milk with various flavors.

5. What is the strongest drink at Dutch Bros?

Ans: Among the drinks of Dutch Bros, 9-1-1 packs six shots of espresso is the strongest drink. It comprises half-and-half and Irish cream syrup to make energy-packed drinks.

6. What Dutch Bros beverage has the most caffeine?

Ans: In the Dutch Bros family, ER-911 contains the most caffeine. It has 119 mg of caffeine in a frozen version.

7. What is the White Annihilator at Dutch Bros?

Ans: it is the flavor of two scoops of white chocolate and Macadamia nut.

Final Thought

No need to run the coffee shop anymore! The favorite Dutch Bros Annihilator recipe is in your hand now. As a lover of beverages, it is a must-try recipe.

If you like a creamy and nutty iced or toasted coffee, the Dutch Bros series will be the number one choice.

You may serve this drink as a welcome drink for any special occasion. There are some health benefits inherent here.

Espresso can boost your energy, reduce diabetes and the chance of stroke, and improves the digestive system. Enjoy your favorite drink with cheers!

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