7 Cause of High Cholesterol that can seriously harm you

You may know after finishing this article: About the foods and bad habits that are causing you serious problems like high cholesterol. We can get rid of this kind of complex problem by changing some eating habits on a daily basis.

foods and habits that cause of high cholesterol, there are a number of reasons for high cholesterol, but mainly eating and other bad habits are responsible.

It can even be a genetic problem. At present, it is a matter of great concern that most people in America are experiencing this problem.

Let’s take a look at which foods and habits are causing us regular harm. By giving up some habits, you may be able to avoid this problem.

Your Food Habit

You may be consuming certain foods that you do not know, which is slowly leading you to problems like high cholesterol.

Especially foods that have saturated fat are more harmful to you, such as pork, butter, beef and eggs. Besides, Coconut Oil and Palm Oil also contain a lot of saturated fat. So try to avoid this kind of food.

Always give more importance to greens when it comes to food, a study has revealed that vegetarians tend to be healthier and have longevity. So keep trying to avoid harmful foods.

More questions that may arise in your mind about food habit
What should you avoid eating with high cholesterol?
  • There are certain foods that are responsible for high cholesterol, so if these foods are avoided then we can stay away from the deadly diseases of the heart. The dishes are: butter, red meat, egg yolks, french fries, fried chicken and Ice cream.
What reduces cholesterol quickly?
  • It is possible to reduce cholesterol levels through some dietary changes and activities; avoiding trans fats, quitting smoking, losing weight, and exercising regularly.
When should I worry about cholesterol?
  • No need to worry if your cholesterol level is 100 to 129 mg / dL, but if that level is 130 to 159 mg / dL then you have a moderate type of problem and if it is higher then you are at serious risk.
Are eggs bad for cholesterol?
  • It has been proven that it is healthy for a normal person to eat 3 eggs a day. However, if you already have a problem with high cholesterol, then it is better not to eat egg yolk
Is rice bad for cholesterol?
  • If you are accustomed to white rice then it may be a cause for concern as white rice is responsible for high cholesterol.

Synopsis: You have to be careful in choosing food. You need to be aware of the foods that can make you high in cholesterol. If necessary, refrain from taking foods that are responsible for your complex disease.

Your extra weight

Foods and Habits that Cause High Cholesterol
Extra weight

You may not be aware that the body you slowly build will harm you. Your excess weight will hurt you very badly, causing you discomfort both socially and physically.

Usually when the body weight increases, triglycerides increase and HDL levels decrease.

Moreover, the amount of cholesterol increase a lot compared to normal. It causes many diseases, starting from your heart disease.

More questions that may arise in your mind about extra weight
Can weight gain cause high cholesterol?
  • Of course, if you suffer from obesity, your cholesterol levels will naturally be high. When you lose weight your LDL will decrease and HDL will increase
What is stroke level cholesterol?
  • If your cholesterol level is more than 130 mg / dL, it can cause your stroke
How do you feel if your cholesterol is high?
  • There are some common symptoms of high cholesterol, but you should seek medical attention for certainty. Symptoms include: pain in the left side of the chest, dizziness and blurred vision
Will high cholesterol make you tired?
  • No, high cholesterol will not make you tired but will slowly put you at risk of a serious heart attack.
Does drinking more water reduce cholesterol?
  • This will indirectly help you to control cholesterol levels. If you are hydrated, you will lose weight as your metabolism increases and cholesterol levels will decrease as you lose weight.

Your low physical activity

physical activity

Do you have a different interest in food? Well, it doesn’t matter, but you have to eat a meal of your choice, as well as a little physical movement.

If you do not increase the physical movement, be prepared that your body cholesterol is going to increase, and you should also be prepared to deal with all kinds of cholesterol disorders.

More questions that may arise in your mind about physical activity
How does physical activity affect cholesterol?
  • Moderate physical activity can control your cholesterol levels. Regular physical activity in particular helps to raise HDL cholesterol
Can lack of exercise cause high cholesterol?
  • It is normal that if you are not involved in physical activity you will gain weight which will increase the LDL level.
Can cholesterol be cured?
  • It is possible to control high cholesterol if you can change your lifestyle. To control cholesterol, you need to change your diet as well as continue regular physical exercise.

Synopsis: If you can engage in regular physical activity, you can control your blood cholesterol.

Your age

Cholesterol levels in the body depend on the age, with the increase in cholesterol levels as you age.

Usually, after 20 years of age, it grows rapidly. Cholesterol levels are normal for men up to 50 years and menopause in women. However, exceptions to this current diet are likely to occur.

More questions that may arise in your mind about age
Does cholesterol get higher with age?
  • Cholesterol levels increase with age. However, it is possible to prevent it if you are aware
Can a 25 year old have high cholesterol?
  • This type of problem occurs especially in the elderly, but it cannot sure that it will not occur at the age of 20 or 25. It is usually associated with eating habits and other habits, so it is better to be careful at all ages
How serious is high cholesterol?
  • The role of cholesterol in building healthy cells is immense, but high cholesterol levels can be harmful to the heart

Other diseases

If you keep an eye on other diseases in your body, consult a doctor regularly and do a full body checkup. Because your body may have a disease that is responsible for boosting your cholesterol.

Especially keep an eye on your diabetes, as this disease is called the mother of all diseases. Diabetes patients have higher cholesterol levels than others.

Synopsis: Other diseases can cause your blood cholesterol to rise, so if you have any other complex disease, seek immediate treatment.

Your genetic problem

You may feel comfortable knowing that you eat nutritious foods and have no bad habits, so your cholesterol levels are unlikely to increase.

However, if you are thinking of this, you will probably make a big mistake, because this problem can be born from your genes. So you have to be extra careful so you can stay healthy.

Synopsis: You have to be careful, because if other members of your family have this kind of problem, you can also get this problem.


Cause of High Cholesterol

If you have a habit of smoking, try to quit today. Because it can slowly lead you to death. Smoking is one of the causes of high cholesterol. So try to avoid it.

Smoking lowers HDL by increasing low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is known as bad cholesterol.

More questions that may arise in your mind about smoking
Does Smoking Affect Cholesterol?
  • The journal Biomarker Research found that within three weeks of quitting smoking, good cholesterol increased by up to 30%.
Can nicotine cause high cholesterol?
  • It has been proven that nicotine plays an important role in raising bad cholesterol and lowering good cholesterol.
Is it OK to stop smoking suddenly?
  • Research has shown that those who want to quit smoking suddenly are more likely to succeed, but those who want to reduce smoking gradually are less likely to succeed.
Do arteries recover after quitting smoking?
  • It takes 5 years for arteries to recover after quitting smoking. But it doesn’t always happen the same way depending on how hard you try to recover
Is Beer Bad for high cholesterol?
  • If you drink a moderate amount of beer, it will help raise your good cholesterol. But if you drink too much, it will also increase the bad cholesterol which is very harmful for you.

Synopsis: It will help raise your bad cholesterol which is a deadly threat to you. So refrain from alcohol and smoking.


Following some rules can help you get rid of high cholesterol.

Follow low-salt diet

Try eating less salty foods that will have a good cholesterol level. Excess salt intake can increase bad cholesterol in the body, which can be extremely harmful to your heart.

Try to eat fruits and vegetables

You can eat more fruits and vegetables to get rid of high cholesterol. Because greens lower your body’s bad cholesterol levels, which is all you need to stay healthy.

Avoid animal fats

Animal fats are extremely harmful to the human body, especially beef, pork and goat meat. So try to avoid them as much as possible. Try to get as much plant-based fat as you can.

Try to exercise regularly

Regular physical movement can keep you healthy, so try to exercise a little during the day. Because regular exercise is capable of melting your excess fat.

Discard your bad habits

Try to quit the bad habits you have, such as smoking and drinking. It can slowly lead you to death. So try to avoid them.


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