Breastfeeding Pros and Cons: Best General Review

You may know after finishing this article: Breastfeeding is a very simple matter for us but sometimes there are complications. Both the newborn and the mother are very important in this matter, the health of both should always be taken care of. If necessary, take the advice of a doctor.

Fundamentals of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Pros and Cons

Breastfeeding pros and cons, breastfeeding is very healthy for you and your newborn. This is the only food that your newborn baby will eat for up to six months after birth.

After six months, you will be able to feed your baby with breast milk as well as other foods.

Most experts agree that every mother should breastfeed her baby for at least 12 months. While this is natural, it is not an easy task for new mothers, so if you are a new mother you can get help from other mothers.

Moreover, if you and your newborn practice, it will be easy for a time.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding my baby?

The great thing about it is that the bond between you and your newborn will form, and breastfeeding will allow your baby to come to you.

Well-being For your baby

  •        It is one of your baby’s nutritional sources
  • This will protect your child from any illness
  • ยท       Your baby will be able to digest it better than other foods

Well-being For you

  •   You will be less likely to have high blood pressure
  •   Your risk of breast cancer will be reduced
  • Your risk of diabetes will be reduced

Can my child eat any other food?

 child eat any other food

If your baby is more than six months old, you must. However, if your baby is under six months of age, try breastfeeding only.

However, in many cases your baby may not breastfeed according to his needs and in case the expert advises you can feed your baby.

  • Breastfeeding only if your baby is six months of age, but you can feed vitamins and minerals as your doctor recommends.
  • If your baby is six to twelve months old, you can introduce him / her to breast milk as well as other foods.
  • If your baby is more than twelve months old, feed breast milk as well as other foods. Most experts think breastfeeding is good for up to two years, but you and your baby can continue as long as you fill the comforts.

Don’t worry too much about baby food

Most mothers believe that their baby will not be able to breastfeed alone overnight, so they allow the baby to eat other foods within six months without doctor’s advice. This idea is not perfect, you breastfeed your baby repeatedly, remember that the first six months is enough breast milk. Plus, you can pump breast milk and feed your baby repeatedly.

Some tips for successful breastfeeding

Talk to your doctor
Talk to your doctor

It is very important to talk to your doctor while you are pregnant, especially if you are a first-time pregnant person.

You can also discuss the rules for breastfeeding after childbirth. Try to ask them if they can support you in breastfeeding.

Contact a breastfeeding specialist

If your doctor is not an expert on breastfeeding, this may seem a lot easier if you talk to a specialist.

You will find lactation consultants in many hospitals, remember that you must adhere to these when you become a first time mother.

You can get help from your relatives

Your relatives can help you with this, especially those who have experience. Many may be ashamed, but it is best to help them without shame, because it involves the well-being of you and your child.

Can I feed my child vitamins?

However, as your doctor advises, it can often be seen in children with vitamin D and iron deficiency. If this happens, then you can talk to your doctor about vitamin D and iron.


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